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41 Jan Smuts Ave
East London
South Africa


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07h30 - 12h00 &
15h00 - 18h00
(by appointment)
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08h30 - 11h00
(by appointment)

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Greenfields Vet is a small animal practice in Greenfields, East London, treating canine and feline patients not only from East London, but ranging from Port St John's to King William's Town and Hamburg. Greenfields Vet was started in 2005 in rented shop space by Dr Pierre Hensburg, after returning from a four year stint in small animal private practice in London. In 2007 we moved to our new premises at 41 Jan smuts Avenue.

Our aim is not only to provide leading pet care through service and product excellence, but also to empower our clients with the knowledge and skills required to keep their pets happy and healthy. We view pets as part of the family and believe that ensuring their optimal health and quality of life is a service that greatly benefits the people who love them.







Our veterinary practice is based on building relationships. Relationships of trust between ourselves and our clients foster loyalty and mutual respect. The aim of our practice is thus to deliver the quality of service that we feel our discerning clients deserve. As all of our team members are also pet owners, we have an understanding of just how important our clients' pets are to them. In this regard we pride ourselves in being on the cutting-edge of pet care, with ongoing efforts to provide the newest and best products and services available.Visit our services page for a full range of what we can do for you and your pets.








Mrs J Lones

Our rottweiler puppy, Magnum was diagnosed with a parvo virus infection and was in hospital at Greenfields Vet for 12 days. Dr Hensburg explained to us in the beginning that his chances of recovery would be slim but we decided to give him a chance. Thanks to their professional care and dedication he finally turned the corner after 6 days of hanging on. He has made a full recovery and when he went back for his final puppy vaccination they could hardly recognise him as he has grown so much. Thanks to Greenfields Vet for saving Magnum.





Mr B Smit

Dear Dr Hensburg. When Jock was bitten by a puffadder last month we thought it was the end of him. If it wasn't for your immediate attention during a busy Saturday morning we believe he would not have made it. Your rapid response and emergency care saved my dog. He has made a full recovery and is back to his old self. Thanks again for all you did for him. Consider him your patient for life!