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We are pleased to announce the recent opening of our hydrotherapy pool. Controlled swimming is an invaluable aid in the recovery of animals after orthopaedic surgery and for management of arthritic joints and spinal problems. It is also the best form of cardiovascular exercise for weight loss and fitness training. We see excellent results on patients who have had the benefit of hydrotherapy swimming.








Here are some of the benefits of hydrotherapy:
- Reduces weight-bearing on painful or healing structures
- Provides support to limbs, reducing the risk of strain to muscles, tendons and ligaments
- Allows continued exercise when land-based exercise is restricted or contra-indicated
- Buoyancy improves difficult or restricted movements
- Water resistance strengthens muscles
- Prevents muscle wastage

- Increases cardiovascular fitness and endurance
- Improves joint range of motion and reduces stiffness
- Reduces muscle spasm and improves muscle tone
- Allows gradual return to normal limb function
- Reduces swelling through hydrostatic pressure
- Provides relaxation
- Reduces pain in joints with degenerative disease such as osteo-arthritis
- Enhances circulation and so speeds up healing.

These benefits will enhance recovery in post-surgical patients, maintain or improve fitness and stamina in working dogs, and help overweight animals reach their goal weights more effectively. Each patient is assessed according to their individual requirements and a personalized swimming programme is devised. Each session lasts approximately one hour and includes:
- Warm up session of walking, physiotherapy or massage
- Supported swimming - usually three sessions of alternate swimming and resting
- Cool down session to regain resting heart and respiratory rates.

All swimmers are washed before and after swimming in order to maintain the highest standards of hygiene in our pool, and to rinse any pool chemicals from their coats. Please call us for any further details.